Kid Faze, Gank Gaank "Purple Heart" 🎥 [Official Video]

Dive into the captivating world of "Purple Heart," Track 1 from the groundbreaking collaboration between Kid Faze and Gank Gaank in the project "Ready For The World." Directed by the visionary James Quispe and brought to life by Greatez Productions, this music video unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, Florida.

As the artists weave their narrative through compelling lyrics, James Quispe's direction adds a cinematic layer to the story. Immerse yourself in the allure of Miami's urban landscape, where each frame is a visual testament to the raw talent and creativity of Kid Faze and Gank Gaank. This video is more than a visual accompaniment; it's an experience that enhances the impact of "Purple Heart," setting the stage for the artistic brilliance that defines the entire "Ready For The World" project. Join us on this journey through the heart of Miami as we bring the essence of "Purple Heart" to life. Available on TMRWCO Studios Contact: | |