Seductive Serenade: Kid Faze and Young Spliff's "September"

Experience the alluring and seductive vibes of "September" as Kid Faze and Young Spliff, in collaboration with TMRWCO Studios, take you on an intimate musical journey. This captivating track, with its enticing lyrics and smooth beats, promises to ignite your passion and desire. Join us as we dive into this musical seduction that's set to leave you craving for more.

Artist and Song Information:

  • Artists: Kid Faze, Young Spliff
  • Producer: Rippa DeLaHoya
  • Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
  • BPM: 95
  • Mood: Passionate, Seductive
  • Emotion: Desirous
  • Song Length: 4:53
  • Label Name: TMRWCO Studios
  • Hometown: Orlando, FL
  • Video Link: Watch "September" on YouTube
  • All Platforms: Listen on Songwhip


"September" is an auditory seduction brought to life by Kid Faze and Young Spliff, courtesy of TMRWCO Studios. This tantalizing track invites you to explore the depths of passion and desire. Let the music guide you through waves of sensuality as Kid Faze and Young Spliff deliver their verses with unmatched finesse. Prepare to be enraptured by the raw and electrifying sensations that this song evokes. It's a testament to the art of seduction, a journey that promises to leave you yearning for more.

The irresistible allure created by Kid Faze and Young Spliff, under the banner of TMRWCO Studios, is bound to captivate your senses. Their professional artistry and undeniable chemistry shine through, making this an intimate and unforgettable musical experience. Brace yourself for a passionate voyage that will awaken your deepest desires.



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